Police Radio App Reviews

114 add



Pub / add

Trop, beaucoup trop de coupure pub.... Too much add...

its dort of crippleware

although the app itself is o.k.

Really nice but.... Please more german radio

Top wenn es echt ist! Bitte mehr deutschen Funk.Please more German Radio Station Repeaters!!!Thanks

Actually really funny

Good app, it makes fun listen to those guys;)



Very good App

I love this App, but I wanna have the radio from Hamburg,Berlin and Frankfurt


Its pretty cool but it should have surrounding areas as well like Stoney plain etc

Good app

The free version ads were driving me nuts so I had to upgrade but it was worth it thanks for the app

Pretty Good

Pretty good and works well. Finds all kinds in my area, Ottawa, Ontario. Pay the $2 or what ever to get rid of the adds - worth it. Can be listened too in your car with your Bluetooth, if your bored or something, I guess.


It wont run for mor than a few minutes without crashing

What went wrong

It worked awesome in my area for about a week now it just says file error now I get nothing anymore.

Police scanner

Why no saskatchewan province? Bo on you


Has my city and works well

Too Many Upgrade attempts!!

The app is okay except for the ads to upgrade that keep popping up. You cant listen more than 1-2 minutes before an ad pops up. Very frustrating!!

Police scAnner

The best I fall asleep listening to them

Good but nagging

Like it better if it wasnt nagging you to upgrade in such a high interval

The rest of the bad news ...

Constant startling pop-ups that fill the screen, prompting users to pay for an upgrade. And of course ads everywhere. Complete false advertising to call this app a Canadian police scanner—its 90% American, just like before. GRRRRR!!!

Great App

I am disappointed that I can not listen to my city so can you please add Hamilton,Ontario I would really appreciate it very much


I really enjoy this app, keeps u entertained

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